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Make this page about How YOU work for the patient and why you do what you do. Potential patients are hurting and looking for help. So talk about how you can solve their problem.

We help people reach their potential, regardless of age or injury history. The medical model doesn’t go far enough for those of us that are fitness focused. Traditional personal training tends to follow fads and bandwagons while disregarding the science of physiology and performance.

There had to be a different way of approaching these industry challenges.

We developed a service that solves these problems. We call it Physio Coaching™.

By integrating the principles of rehab with strength and conditioning, we create custom programs to help people achieve their fitness and performance potential, regardless of age or past injury.

The medical model and health insurance industry are designed to help people be less sick or less injured. They are not designed to help people achieve resilience, fitness, or physical performance after an injury.

Unlike the medical environment, the personal training industry has essentially no regulations. Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer – no formal training required. (Thankfully, that’s not the case for physical therapists or physicians!)

Physio Coaching™ sets a new standard for those looking for the expertise and guidance of experts in physiology, tissue adaptation, and the science of strengthening and performance. We like to tell our clients that while we don’t make the rules of physiology, we know them very well. That’s because our Physio Coaches™ are also Doctors of Physical Therapy!

Our Team

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Dr. Aaron Shaw

OTR/L, CHT, CSCS, Physio Coach

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Dr. Tanner Melnick

PT, DPT, Physio Coach