Dr. Barbara Ann Carey

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Dr. Barbara Ann Carey

Dr. Barbara Ann Carey

(PT, DPT, Physio Coach)

Dr. Barbara Ann Carey enjoys working with a diverse set of clients, ranging from recreational athletes to those that compete at the collegiate level. She caters her coaching plans to each individual, considering pervious injuries, chronic conditions, and performance or competition goals.

Barbara Ann coaches clients of all fitness levels and goals. She has a special interest in tennis athletes, addressing strength and movement imbalances, agility, quickness, and overall resilience on the court. Leveraging her experience as captain of her Division I tennis team, she builds custom comprehensive training programs focusing on both the fundamentals of performance as well as higher level skills.

Barbara Ann is a respected resource within Seattle’s tennis community, helping tennis athletes of all ages and abilities through their athletic journey.


Barbara Ann is a native of Seattle and a health and fitness enthusiast. She loves to spend her weekends staying active by playing tennis, cycling, golfing, skiing, and long-distance running.