Physio Coaching™ – Seattle

Physio Coaching™ – Seattle

Physio Coaching™ – Seattle

Our in-person Physio Coaching™ services are offered in our MoveMend Rehab and Performance home base in Seattle, WA

In-person Physio Coaching™ services are performed at our MoveMend Rehab and Performance headquarters in Seattle, WA, located at 3221 Eastlake Ave East, Suite 110. We are near University Bridge and Pocock Rowing Center.

With our smartphone app, our location is in the palm of your hand. We go where you go and guide your fitness and performance journey every step of the way!

Reach your potential with Physio Coaching™

Physio Coaching’s™ top priority is to help you achieve your potential. Far too many people resign themselves to weakness, stiffness, fragility, and fatigue after being injured. The medical model stops service LONG before people reach maximum function. Physio Coaching™ takes you the rest of the way.

This one of a kind service is part of MoveMend Rehab and Performance, Seattle’s 5-star physical and occupational therapy clinic. We do things differently, breaking the mold of sub-par, low expectation results.

Along with VIP service, both in-person and virtually, our unique skills as therapists and strength coaches provide an unforgettable experience. Our growing collection of 5-star reviews and long term customers tells us that we are making a real human impact.

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Monday - Thursday
7:00 am – 7:00 pm

7:00 am – 5:30 pm

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Our Expert Seattle, WA Physio Coaches™

Meet The Physio Coaching™ Team!

We’ve reset the bar with our Physio Coaching™ team. Doctors of Physical Therapy, experienced strength coaches, and elite athletes…all in one! Our expertise is unmatched in both the rehab and performance world.

Physio Coaching™ – Seattle
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Dr. Aaron Shaw

OTR/L, CHT, CSCS, Physio Coach

Physio Coaching™ – Seattle
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Dr. Sam Watkins

PT, DPT, CSCS, Physio Coach

Physio Coaching™ – Seattle
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Dr. Tanner Melnick

PT, DPT, Physio Coach